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Suitable for 24AWG cable
Durability: 750 times plugging,200 times terminating


Cat5E patch panels is equipped with unshielded JKA08-UC5E keystone jacks and designed to meet or exceeds the requirement of CAT5E standard; guarantees 250MHZ broadband transmission, long-term  reliability  and  stability;  suitable  for  connection  between workspace and Equipment room.

Cat5E patch panels shall be [1U, 12-Port or 24-Port or 2U 48-Port or 4U, 96-Port], wired to [T568A or T568B], and shall accept RJ-45, 8-Position modular plugs. Patch panels shall be configured as 8-port modules with individually replaceable jacks. The front of each module shall be capable of accepting 9mm to 12mm labels. Each port shall be capable of accepting an icon to indicate its function. Patch panels shall terminate the building cabling on 110-style insulation displacement connectors.



Horizontal cabling or equipment termination in the device room.
Matching termination collected.



● Exquisite and compact appearance.
● Unique design of balance circuit board and line pair decrease cross talk and
increase allowance.
● The IDC phosphor bronze wiring clip ensures 250 terminating.
● Latch design on terminating protective cap can prevent cable from over bending
or falling off after termination, and prevent contact point from damage.
● Backward compatibility for Cat5.
● 50µ'' gold plating contact allows 750 matching recycles.
● Sturdy  and  easy-install  design  reduces  installation  and  operating costs.
● IDC terminating compatible with 110 or KRONE tools.
● Compatible with cabinet and wall mount.
● Number marking at front and back side of each port, enable quick identification.
● Cable  management  at  back  can  effectively  lead  the  cable  to  the termination.
● Compliant  with TIA/EIA-568C,ISO/IEC11801-2008.


Suitable for 24AWG cable.
IDC terminating interface.
Durability: 750 times plugging
                   200 times terminating

 Physical Characteristics

IDC interface.
IDC clip: phosphor bronze.
Module style jack socket.
Contact: phosphor bronze with 50µ'' gold plating.
Empty panel: cold-rolled steel sheet frame, with electrostatic spray on the surface, color in black.

 Environment Characteristics

Environment for use: Indoors, in dry, closed room.
Operating Temperature Range: -10℃~60℃.
Maximum: 10%~90%.
Storage temperature Range: -40℃~70℃.

Electrical Characteristics

 Dielectric strength
 1,000V RMS 60Hz/1min
 Rated current
 Maximum 1.5A
 Insulation resistance(minimum)
 Contact resistance(maximum)  20milliohm
 DC resistance  0.1 ohm

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