Outdoor Wall Mount Closure(WM1000-C)

WCFO designs and manufactures a full line of integrated fiber optic cabinet and enclosure products.  The vertically integrated product line includes the outdoor wall mounted splice enclosure with various fiber optic connector panel configurations available.


  • Outdoor wall-mounted splice enclosure
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Available in LC, SC, FC and ST Connector/Adapter configurations







Optics performance

  • Insert loss:≤0.3dB
  • Return loss:>40dB (PC)

>50dB (UPC)

>60dB (APC)

  • Durability:>1000 Mating
  • Wavelength:850nm,1310nm,1550nm


Operating condition

  • Operating temperature:-25°C~+40°C
  • Storage temperature:-25°C~+55°C
  • Relative humidity :≤85%(+30°C)
  • Air pressure:70Kpa~106Kpa


Paint & Color

  • Color: RAL 7035
  • paint: Comply with ASTM


Package requirement reference

  • Dimension 375x 415 x161 (mm)
  • Weight: 3.9kg


Machine performance

  • Dimension
WM1000-C patch panel accessories
P/N Description Number
6190100207 Splice tray cover, beige/ABS 1
6190100209 Splice tray body, beige/ABS 2
6260400017 Splice buckle, PP/Black 4
6260400015 Splice holder , ABS/Black 4
6190600701 Waterproof board,NBR,82.5×36 4
6190401401 Push Pin Φ6.0/Φ6.5 8
6640260001 Nylon Locking Tie Wraps , 100mm/2.0mm 32
6600510030 Heat Shrinkable fiber optic splice protector
Notice: “—” the number is same to fiber cord number
P/N Description Capacity Dimensions(H×W×D)mm 
8121001003 WM1000-C,Blank Panel 320×360×106
8121131003 WM1000-C,fit for 24 FC/ST adapters 24/24 fibers 320×360×106
8121211003 WM1000-C,fit for 24 SC/LCD adapters 24/48 fibers 320×360×106
8121221003 WM1000-C,fit for 12 SCD/LCQ adapters 24/48 fibers 320×360×106
Note: adaptor and pigtail do not been contained, customer needs order individually.


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