WCFO designs and manufactures a full line of integrated fiber optic cabinet and enclosure products.  The vertically integrated product line includes the IP65 grade outdoor wall-mounted splice enclosure with various fiber optic splitter configurations and LC and SC adapter ports.


  • Wall-mounted outdoor splice enclosure
    Low insertion loss and high directivity optical splitter performance
  • Reliable performance with 1260-1650nm wavelength range
  • Available in 1×8 and 2×8 splitter configurations
    FTTH network and CATV system application







Machine performance

Common Splitter Specification


Parameter Common Specification
Wavelength Range (nm) 1260-1650
Port Wavelength Range (nm) 1310± 20/1490 ±10/1550± 25
Fiber Cable Corning SMF-28e
Return Loss (dB) ≤-50
Directivity (dB) ≤-55
Max. Optical power input level (mW) 500
Operation Temperature (℃) -40℃~85℃
Storage Temperature(℃) -40℃~85℃
Port Display Mark label

Individual PLC Splitter Specification

Item Optical Parameters Wave Length Range: 1260~1650nm
1×8 2×8
1 Insertion Loss Typical <10.4 <11.2
Max <10.9 <11.6
2 Uniformity <0.8 <1.5
3 Return Loss ≤-50 ≤-50
4 Directivity ≤-55 ≤-55
5 PDL ≤0.3 ≤0.4
P/N Description Dimensions  (H×W×D)  
5822100005 SPL2000-W8, with 1×8 PLC(Planar Lightwave Circuit) Splitter, with SC/SMAPC Connector 50×188.5×232(mm)
5822100007 SPL2000-W8, with 2×8 PLC(Planar Lightwave Circuit) Splitter, SC/SMAPC Connector 50×188.5× 232(mm)
Notice: Standard configuration is with 0.9mm fiber for input and output, 1.5m length, and with SC/APC, LC/APC adapter.


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